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Purchase furniture and import it from Vietnam
Tuesday, 12.04.2018

Purchase furniture and import it from Vietnam

Without having the capability of traveling to Vietnam to buy furniture, not only once to meet the furniture producers and visit their factories but on a frequent basis depending on your purchasing schedule, the furniture exported from Vietnam by some suppliers will disappoint you, even though you did your due diligence and made the trip to Asia to prepare your panel of furniture sellers and furniture producers.

At Wayhome Vietnam we have a long and proven track record purchasing furniture from the best factories in Vietnam that have international recognition due to the quality of their products. We open our panel of furniture suppliers to overseas buyers who are looking to gain access to the source of production and to avoid having to pay high commissions to all the middle-men involved in a typical transaction when buying furniture in US, Europe or elsewhere, far from the production sites.

Our skill and experience in carrying out quality control at each furniture factory in Vietnam that we work with as well as our overall capability of proposing furnishings and decoration items from a varied range of producers makes us a competitive and attractive proposition for buyers  of furniture retailers, Home deco retailers, home improvement shops, DIY store, etc.

If you are looking to buy furniture in Vietnam, we have a panel of European furniture producers that are located in Vietnam and that produce high-end and luxury furniture for clients all over the world, if you are only looking for basic or promotion furniture, we do have local factory bases that are supplying to biggest world furniture retailers that we don't even need to write out their name but it's already in your mind. 

Are you looking to buy contemporary furniture in Vietnam? Our Danish partners produce the most stunning and modern designer furniture you will ever see. Contemporary lines and award-winning designs? We have them!

Are you looking to buy promotional furniture in Vietnam? Our Vietnamese factories ship hundreds containers per month and still have open capacity for your order. Yes, We have them, too!

Real goose feathers and down, imported Italian leather and an original Scandinavian design are just some of the components that make this designer sofa a luxury item.

You might also be looking to buy classical furniture in Vietnam. French styles (Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, but also Art-Deco, Chippendale and many other classical furniture styles) are made by our Italian partner under the direct supervision of an Italian master craftsman and according to the most demanding rules to ensure absolute luxury in every item.

Solid brass made with the “lost wax” process delivers the most incredible accents and details.

Natural fiber (rattan, water hyacinth, sea-grass, etc.) furniture is readily available from our Vietnamese partners who are truly skilled and produce beautiful furniture and decoration items.

If you are looking to buy garden and outdoor furniture in Vietnam, try our mosaic table collection, there are many stunning items from mosaic tables to chairs and stools in wrought iron.

Enter the world of "made in Vietnam" furniture with a few mouse clicks and discover that you have instant and direct access to purchasing and acquiring the most beautiful furniture that Vietnam and even Asia has to offer.

Import furniture from Vietnam and begin building your path to success whatever your project (retail, wholesale, interior decoration, architecture, etc.).

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